Adventure Travel in China

Since China is one of the largest country in the world, they usu include some intra-country airflights. Their flights are like the US and Europe flights. They have meal inclusion for the trip but sadly, you won’t be able to understand their language.

One of the most popular tourist spot for the westerner. They consider China as one of the mysterious land. Since it is a favorite tourist attarction for most westerners, the guide tours are so many yat very expensive. They will let you see China in all range. They usualy bring tourist to Beijing, their capital city, the Forbidden City, ancient city built for China counsellors, The Great Wall of China, the very popular, and of course lots of bargain shopping. Xi’an is the next stop for tourist travellers, it is the Historic Silk Road, the famous for it is one of the eight wonders of the world. You can ecological site and museum for the warriors. Where thousands of life size soldiers, carriage and horse are being displayed. They also have a gift shop where you can buy warrior books.

The tourist will also bring you to a memorable place ride with a boat down to Yantze River. Guide tours usually starts at Chong Xing city with a population of 32 million people. You can bard on ship, there’s a room accomodatio for you to relax and enjoy the trip. On your ship trip, you’ll be able to see Yangtze’s famous gorges, huge mountains and massive cliffs on the other side of the river. But Yangtze river is not as beautiful as before for the China Government is building a largest Hydroelectricdam. They also have a Chinese dining at night time during your cruise.

The last thing to visit is Shanghai, close to Yangtze. After you have a trip to Yangtze, it’s time to explore Shanghai, also known as “New York” of China. It is the center of business and finance. Lots of shopping places, right place to shop before leaving the country.

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