Adventure Travel Tours of Japan: Land of Enchantment

Japan is our next stop. It is also called as the Land of Enchantment. Great place to visit with your family and friends. Tours begins at the Tokyo Narita Airport. You show be stay for a night for a rest before going on your tours.

Here are the list of the place to visit in Japan:

1. Meiji Shrine- you can find a Shinto monument erected on a man made forest.
2. Imperial Palace Plaza- where the emperor of Japan is. Palace is off limits but you can visit their lovely East Garden.
3. Asakusa Kannon Temple
4. Nakmise Shopping Arcade- where leisure park and souvenir items located.
5. Takayama- local farmer’s market.
6. San Machi Suji- famous distillers. They make the famous Japanese sake.
7. Kusakabe Heritage House- place with traditional Japanese architecture.
8. Hida Minzoku-Mura Village- a village with a large collection of Japanese buildings and farm homes. You can see farmers weaving, wood carving and more.
9. Shokawa Valley- mountain ranges.
10. Shirakawa- A village near the Shokawa Valley. Remote region on Japan. Lots of traditional Japanese Food.
11. Kyoto- official residence of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. Home of Nijo Castle.
12. Kinkakuji- You can find shrines, gardens and Gold Pavillion.
13. Osaka- last tourist destination, north part of Japan.

After visiting those beautiful and amazing places in Japan, don’t forget to bring some Japanese foods, souvenir and culture before going home.

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