Advice for Staying Awake During a Long Drive

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Truck drivers rely on their ability to stay awake for long periods of time to meet schedules. If you’re looking for tips on how to stay awake while long-haul truck driving, this guide is for you.

5 Techniques Truck Drivers Use on the Road

It’s not easy to stay awake while driving, especially if it’s at night and for long distances. According to the helpful information provided by, there are many methods you can use to help you stay awake, such as:

  1. Eat healthily: Junk food might satisfy a short-term craving, but it actually makes your body sluggish.
  2. Move, move, move: Sitting for a long period of time can make your body stiff and tired, but a quick jog or walk around the truck can wake you up and stretch out stiff muscles.
  3. Turn down the AC: Colder temperatures can keep you awake, so turn that air conditioner on to stay alert.
  4. Power nap: If your eyes feel heavy, pull over and take a quick power nap.
  5. Switch up your listening: Change radio stations often or alternate between music, talk shows and audiobooks to keep your mind and body awake.

Be Prepared for Your Next Drive

Truck drivers are professionals at not falling asleep behind the wheel. Follow the tips above on how to stay awake while long-haul truck driving so you can meet delivery times and stay safe out on the road.