Advice to the Opposite Sex

One piece of advice? No. Neither sex could function on just one. The most universal advice I can give both sexes is:

RELAX. It’s not really that big of deal. If it is, and you’re fighting
all the time, stop. Love doesn’t hurt. Move on with your lives because
both of you deserve to be happy and you can be when you accept that bad
things happen, it’s not your fault, and you CAN move on.
– If a
member of the opposite sex wants to see you and be with you, they WILL.
Seriously, anyone playing games with you is NOT SERIOUS ABOUT YOU. When
it’s right and each of you care about each other- you’ll want to be
together all the time. In public. Meeting each others friends and
family. You’ll be proud of your relationship. Don’t settle for anything
less because life is short.
– LOVE DOESN’T HURT. Pain and abuse comes
in all forms- physical, mental and emotional. Don’t stand for any of
it. If you are unhappy, if you don’t feel loved or valued in your
relationship, SOMETHING IS WRONG. Stop ignoring it and realize you were
meant to be happy, valued and loved.

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