All You Need To Know About Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are eyewear worn to protect the eyes from flying debris, water, moisture, too much light or glare, and even radiation. These glasses are often prescribed for the workplace, especially for people who do blue-collar jobs. These types of eyewear are designed for protection, so they may not be the most fashionable glasses in the market. Safety eyewear produced by the trusted manufacturers have to meet OSHA standards for safety and are fitted with lenses that block out harmful UV rays.

Styles of eyewear
There are different styles of safety eyewear. The type of glasses used in most workplaces are goggles, which cover the upper half of the face and are made of thick, transparent plastic to allow full vision. These are held in place by a rubber head strap. Some safety eyewear can be designed with prescription for those who need to wear prescription lenses while working. Most safety eyewear come in the wraparound style to give complete protection over the eye area. They may not be designed to look like goggles, but they still offer protection for the eyes and the temples. Racing and driving safety glasses are designed this way, as well as glasses used for the outdoors. People who love water sports like boating, or fishing and those who like hiking, riding, and off-roading wear safety glasses that offer peripheral vision for full vision and safety.

Some women may prefer safety eyewear in more fashionable frames. These glasses are typically used by people who do office work or for outdoor activities. Most safety glasses for women for outdoor activities such as running, boating, or fishing are designed to be sleeker and slimmer compared to glasses for men. They may come in narrower frames and different colors.

How to Clean Safety Glasses
Although safety glasses are stronger, more durable, and more resistant to breakage compared to regular glasses, they still need to be cleaned properly to prevent smudges, dirt, and scratches from obstructing vision. Loose dirt and other small particles can be removed by using a blower. Using a blower instead of a piece of cloth to remove dirt lessens the chances of scratching the glass surface. There are specialized pieces of lint-free cloth that can be used with commercial sprays to remove smudges and fingerprints. Alcohol wipes are also useful for cleaning safety glasses, including the handles. It is important to note that one should never use harsh chemicals to clean the glasses since these could damage the clear glass.

There are various styles of safety eyewear for use in various situations, from the workplace to the outdoors. Fashionable safety glasses are also available for both men and women. People who use safety eyewear should know how to clean these glasses properly to ensure clear vision all the time.


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