Allowing My Son To Drive the Car

Driving is very dangerous for me. I tried when I was 15 and there were just too many things to process. It’s not that it was hard, I just was never able to process all of the different things you have to keep track of in a car, and watch out for other drivers, and think about the safety of others in the car. I gave up eventually. Then when I was 18 I got involved in a long distance relationship and tried again. Still couldn’t process things fast enough to be safe, so I never felt safe when others were in the car, and I never felt safe when I’m behind the wheel. To this day I still can’t go a ride in the passenger seat without panicking a few times at reckless drivers and other agressive maneuvers taken by others.

Good Luck with your son and no matter what, support him even if he ends up taking the bus everywhere.

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