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following the warm invitation from Amy to do so, i would like to invite you to visit my personal blog at:

Water angel medium

and please have a look at my new “entry-portal” at 🙂

I am in the fortunate position to have witnessed or joined already quite some different movements and (local and global) communities. being a community-person with a curious and warm social nature i had many beautiful chances to meet amazing people and develop a fine energetic perception around patterns i am experiencing or simulating internally. On my blog i am sharing from my leading edge of thinking and sensing. I am exploring collective intelligence, future social technologies, new paradigm and the personal transformational domain that global challenges entail or require… it is in constant transformation as i am offering myself as an evolutionary tool, not trying to understand myself but following my energy and curiosity…

Lately i have been writing about symbols and meaning, inspired by the energy at the 2nd European Salon and picking up a deep insight from Tenneson after an AoH he had in Bowen Island. Maybe some of my thoughts around emerging/future social technologies might be interesting for you… or a 30min video-talk about empowering imagination?

see you there if you want 🙂

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