Are Moms Hotter?

I think people give more credit to the looks of mom’s. A childless woman may be given a 7 while an identical woman who has children would get an 8 or higher. For example, today I made 3 deliveries to a prison. I actually go beyond the gates and barbed wire onto inmate grounds and walk among them. When they cat call, stare, and make comments, it isn’t quite the same as if men on “the outside” do so. Either way it’s inappropriate and immature but my point is, they don’t see women all that often so their standards are lower. Much the same I think men’s standards are lower for women with children. 

On the flip side, it seems that the dateability of a woman with children is rated lower due to the schedule limitations, priorities, and possible involvement of the father. While some men won’t take children into account in a negative light, most do. They’ll give you the credit if you’ve held up well but, tilt their heads at the idea of actually having a serious relationship with you. My bf didn’t shy away knowing I came with kids and an obnoxious ex but he isn’t your typical guy either. Honestly, you can’t blame a guy (or gal) for not wanting to enter into a situation with kids… it’s more difficult. 

and milfncookies is f-n’ hot whether children exited her or not. 😀

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