Are Women Biologically More Complicated Than Men?

Are Women Biologically More Complicated Than Men?

I was reading a post by a woman who went out with a woman for the first time.  Here is the link:  Link

She mentioned that “Guys will like you as long as you are nice and pretty. It’s obvious when they like you because they tell you upfront.”

It is funny because what she is figuring out is what men have known all along.  Men are pretty easy to figure out.  They either like you or they don’t.  I tend to believe that women are biologically more complicated than men.  In other words, I don’t think this is a product of how they are raised.  I think women are biologically different than men emotionally.

Now you always have a group of people that try to deny the differences between men and women.  It is odd because common sense shows you that men are different than women physically.  But we try to avoid the issue when it comes to emotions.

Are women more complicated than men?

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