Are You a Hard Worker?

If I love what I’m doing then I don’t think about it.  I love the job I’m doing right now, and I love putting in the time to get it done.  I’m not as good a worker as I will be in the future, because I’ve only been on the job a few months.  Once I figure out the company culture then I’ll be better able to be a more effective and efficient worker.   I don’t ever use “perfect” as the standard.  Excellence is what I strive for, and that I can strive for everyday.  I can give excellence on the job today, and I can strive for more excellence tomorrow.  Some days I have to work harder than others, but I like hard work, so it doesn’t matter one day to the next.  I don’t measure myself by the standards of how others work.  I try to encourage people to achieve their personal best.  I don’t care if others are slackers or not, because they are not the standard for what I do.   I work hard because it is my ethic.  Character development is often the goal, even in the dead end jobs I’ve had.  If I find myself just getting by, then it is time to find a new job.  

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