Are You Old School Xanga?

Are You Old School Xanga?

Signs you are old school xanga:

1.  You can remember xanga before it got popular in 2004

2.  You remember the Asian War of 2005

3.  You are not sure why xanga added themes

4.  You remember signing into xanga and seeing your own posts instead of seeing posts, pulses and photos.

5.  You were happy when xanga added photos.

6.  You can remember when the xanga team was 20 people instead of three.

7.  You can remember when some kid was killed by his sister’s boyfriend.

8.  You can remember asking yourself, “what is a nudge?”

9.  You can remember seeing naked people on xanga daily.

10.  You can remember when xanga added the ratings system and promised to never use it to censor sites.

11.  You can remember xanga starting the first ish site and them saying “We will just start one.”

12.  You can remember what it was like before people asked questions at the end of their posts.

13.  You can remember what it was like when xanga had great writers.

Are you old school xanga?


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