Are You Too Hot to Pay For Dinner?

No.  But it has nothing to do with how I look.  I am reasonably attractive, but I would feel weird if the guy paid all the time.  I like to feel like I’m contributing to the relationship, too.  If he wants to pay, I don’t make a scene and fight him over it, but I also don’t expect him to pay, either.  (But then, I also haven’t been on a date that required actual money in such a long time that I don’t even remember how I dealt with the issue when I was younger…) 
I think whoever does the asking should pay.  I asked a guy out recently, but we haven’t set a date for our date yet.  Since I did the asking, I will go prepared to pay his way as well as mine, but since he is from a different culture that usually has more traditional gender roles than what I am used to, I won’t have kittens if he doesn’t accept my paying his way.

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