Aspen Ski Vacations

Aspen Mountain, also known as the Ajax. A rocky mountain great for skiing. with a top elevation of 11,215 feet and vertical drop of 3,269 feet. Beginners, intermediates and experts would enjoy for they have 76 trails and accessible lifts. A cable car line that can carry up to seven chair lifts. A premier ski resort on the area. Located at Colorado in the US. It has been famous for famous and well known people. A great for a family get away. Your family will surely love to go on skating.

Aspen Mountain, has been very busy especially during Christmas Vacation. Since the place is elevated, it is a great experience to celebrate Christmas at the top. Since it has been a place for the rich and famous, many people came to visit this place to see some of their favorite famous people. The mountain and ski are not the only center of attraction but also the famous people who are enjoying the place.

The place also can be very crowded for lots of people visiting the place especially during the holidays. Aspen Mountain is not only a great place on the day time but also at night, for it has a night life and offer a great party at night. There are lots of restaurants and hotels to enjoy food and expensive and cheap rooms stay at the mountain. If happened you forgot to bring your ski equipment, you can still enjoy skiing for they have ski rentals equipment and guides that will help you to have a wonderful skiing experience. They also welcome snowboarders in their area.

If you are planning a family vacation this Christmas Season, Aspen Mountain is the right place for you and your family.

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