Auto Insurance in Florida

There is a very good reason Florida is called the Sunshine State. Imagine the following scene. It is bright and sunny, the perfect day for a drive, the perfect day to hit the open road and roll the windows down, feeling the breeze whipping through your hair. Traffic is light, the clouds are thin, and even the temperatures are pleasant with nearly no humidity. Nothing could be more perfect. Nothing could ruin this perfect day, this pleasant drive. Then the sun blinds you momentarily, reflecting brightly off another passing car. One small turn of the wheel as that moment strikes and everything can go wrong. Auto insurance in Florida is not just important, it is the law and on even the most pleasant drive, the most perfect day, that auto insurance can matter more than anything can.

In the state of Florida, if you own a vehicle, auto insurance is required by law. The minimum required coverage is at least $10,000 personal injury protection, and $10,000 property damage liability. You must also have a valid Florida license plate. Personal Injury Protection, also known as Florida No Fault Insurance, covers a driver regardless of whether or not they caused an accident and will cover family members or certain passengers as well. Property Damage Liability covers all damages that are caused to other people’s property by a driver or their family members during a crash.

Bodily Injury Insurance, or BIL, is another option available for auto insurance in Florida. This coverage will pay for any serious or permanent injuries, or deaths to others, in the unfortunate event a driver causes such a serious accident with their vehicle. Not only will an insurance company pay for injuries up to the limits of the policy a particular driver has, they will provide legal representation should such assistance and action be required. Additionally, BIL will cover family members in a driver’s household when driving, regardless of whether they are driving someone else’s car.

Florida coverage is required by law in the state of Florida, meaning insurance must be issued by a company licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services. If relocating to live within the state, current insurance policies from out-of-state cannot be maintained without an existing agent transferring the currently registered insurance to Florida. This is typically a hassle-free and simple process only requiring a call to an insurance agent. Failing to keep insurance on a vehicle in the state can result in major penalties, including the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles suspending a driver’s license, plates, and registration for as many as three years. Only proof of insurance can prevent or correct this.

The Sunshine State is filled with those soaking in the rays, cruising the boulevards, and enjoying the fun that comes with outdoor travel and the open road. There are always days that do not go according to plan, simple drives that do not go so simply. Auto insurance in Florida is required not to make life more difficult, nor to add stress to a driver’s life, but instead to ensure that when the drives taken are not so pleasant; the sun is the only thing beating down on everyone involved.

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