Baby Joseph and Universal Health Care

it happens here in the good ol’ u s of a, too. people die because they do not have the stamina to fight for what they need to live and they just get worn down jumping through all of the hoops our health insurance companies make us do. right now, i am trying to get our health insurance company to cover the costs of some meds that my doc has determined i need, but apparently, our insurance company knows better than my doc, even though they have never examined me or know anything about my family history. i have had to fight like a tiger to get our health insurance to cover the only meds that seemed to work for our daughter since they were not on their list of approved drugs for asthma. seems they were willing to pay for trips to the e.r. for breathing treatments when the stuff they would pay for did not work, but because they had not made a deal with the company that made the stuff that did work, we had to jump through all kinds of hoops, documenting everything and putting her through a while lot of trauma before we could convince them to let us use the ones that worked. never could get any of them to pay for the delivery system required to administer any kind of these drugs to a child under 12, so for more than a decade, we had to cover that expense in addition to our health insurance premiums, too…  

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