Balboa Beach In Newport Beach

In Newport Beach, you can see the most beautiful beach. It is the Balboa Beach, found on the Balboa peninsula. The beach is fronting the Pacific Ocean, and is just a few blocks away from the Balboa Fun Zone and the yacht harbor.

During summer, the beach is the right place for swimming lessons. Balboa Beach has a 920 foot long pier. It has no entrance fee, but there’s a parking fee that covers even the cost of the entrance fee. While you’re on Balboa Beach, you can enjoy biking and bonfires. They also welcome Surfers here, but it is banned at a certain time when summer time. You can also enjoy body boarding along with swimming. Lifeguards are available here during day time only every summer.

Balboa beach is the most beautiful beach in New Port Beach, it has a nice clean sand and a warm sunshine. if you happened to visit Newport Beach sometime in the summer, make sure to look and visit at the Balboa Beach, you’ll enjoy the free entrance beach and the fine beach.

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