Banning Cameras at Childbirth

It should be up to the hospital. If someone really cares about videotaping the birth, then they can go to another hospital. It’s not that hard to ask if you can videotape it when you are looking for your doctor. If you can’t change hospitals, tough luck I think. It really isn’t important for you to record the birth, especially since that tends to be just another video forgotten about and you have your child as a reminder (in my opinion). But seeing how pushy people can be with cameras, especially if they want the perfect shot, I can see how they would easily get in the way of the doctors. Even for shows where they film a birth, you can tell they have to keep their distance. Plus, the article mentions it’s intended to protect patient privacy. Keeping with the privacy laws can be a struggle and in our sue-happy society, I can see how videos would worry them. Many of the issues that go wrong with a birth are things the doctor already tries to avoid. However, the lawyers after these lawsuits really don’t care so I can see where that issue comes in as well (seriously, a lot of those commercials to sue your doctor are for things out of their control normally or for things they do warn you about, even if it’s on a sheet of paper that you can read). If the doctor really screws up, there are probably enough witnesses to sue them without a video. If the hospital has had enough issues because of videotaping a birth, I can see why they’d want to keep cameras out until after the procedure is done.

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