Best Christmas Travel Destinations

Have you ever been in the Philippines before? Want some out of country memorable experience this Christmas? Well, you have to visit the Philippines.

Here are some travel destinations that you must consider in the Philippines:

1. Baguio City- Since it is said to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines, many tourist visited this place also during Christmas season. The weather here is much colder and many establishments here offer something for travelers. There are lots of scenic view to visit here like, the Groto. Groto is a solemn place for people who love praying. The Burnham park where you can ride a horse and see different kinds of beautiful flowers. The mines View Park, lots of souvenir items to choose from in the most affordable price. Baguio offers more when you get there.

2. Pagudpod Beach Resorts- If you are a beach lover, then this spot is the right for you. A great place that far from the crowd, a very relaxing place with a great scenic view. It’s not just the beach that you’ll love there, there are lots of old village that you can visit too. They also have good exotic foods that you must try. A different Christmas experience in found the north of the Philippines.

3. Christmas Capital of the Philippines- Since many cities in the Philippines claimed to be the Christmas capital like Pampanga, Cavite, Las Pinas City etc. All of them offer a colorful and bright Christmas lantern; they celebrate Christmas in their own especial way. There are many ways to celebrate Christmas with them, like the Misa de Gallo, you can find lots of foods on the streets like the “Puto Bumbong ,Bibingka and the hot chocolate”. The Christmas carolers, a group of adults or even children singing Christmas Songs right at you doorsteps. You must also visit some of their night market that only opens during Christmas season. Different items to choose from at very reasonable price.

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