Big Bird

One of America’s problems is most of us have no idea where our priorities ought to be. Not a fucking clue. We have farmers feeding their cows and pigs CANDY because corn is so high, but we still MUST turn it into ethanol. Private schools can do a MUCH BETTER job on thousands of dollars less per child, but the solution to that is throw even more money into the public schools. Money we do not have, I might add. Children lived, and some even became geniuses, for thousands of years without….Big Bird. (I think the real reason people might be upset over no more PBS is they will have one less option for babysitters for their kids. One that they sort of could tell themselves was a good one because it was “educational” whereas Spongebob may have quite the opposite affect.) The Federal Reserve is buying up everyone’s mortgages with this new QE3 (because 1 and 2 were such GREAT successes), more people are on food stamps than ever in food stamp history, but by God, they won’t let their Big Bird die! Let’s all make sure that stays running, this is what is important to us. 

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