Blogging After Xanga

Hate to admit it, I’m finding features of the new free site I’m on that Xanga never had. I’m calling it the, “No Child Left Behind” policy as they not only list new people on the front page who are popular but writing and blogs that have not seen visitors or comments. [Link]

That is just pure genius and ensures literally – no-one gets left behind. Even Xanga didn’t do this and I’m meeting all kinds of amazing and wonderful people who are just signing up the same day. It’s gotta be great to get greeted like that and I know I was and I was surprised why – now I know why. Awesome stuff.

So – to answer your question, Dan, OH YES, I’m blogging and and enthusiastically writing a new post in there every day.

If Xanga somehow doesn’t resurface, I’m like the kid in that advertisement who was in the doctor’s office and was told by a nurse that it would be another hour before the doctor could see him, and he had a gameboy and was playing on it, and he said, “Cool !” [Link]

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