Boat Repair Shops

Any boat owner knows that at some point, they will need to fix their boat. They may opt to do it on their own or they may decide to take it into a boat repair shop. Many of these repair shops are joined to a boat dealership. Just like with a car dealership, certain dealers will repair and specialize in repairing certain boats. These repair shops will carry boat dealers insurance in Massachusetts as they are responsible for the boat inventory in their shop at any given time.
The dealership should have the correct insurance in the case of a disaster such as a storm or even a fire. Regardless of what happens, the repair shop will need to either indemnify their shop or provide some sort of coverage for the boats in their shop at the time of the incident. You may take your boat in to be repaired and while waiting on the work to be done or a part to arrive, a hurricane or tropical storm may accumulate and your boat is in the shop. Before dropping it off, ask the owners about the type of insurance they carry, especially if it is during storm season or you know of a storm on the horizon. They should be able to provide you with the proper information and you should be able to know what will happen if you boat is destroyed while in their car. Boat dealers insurance in Massachusetts is common and should be carried by reputable repair shops.
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Boat Dealers Insurance