Book Signing With 50 Shades of Grey Author

I gotta free autograph from George Takei written in one of my James Blish books from years ago when I went to a Star Trek convention with my sister and her friend.

I caught him setting up a table in the hallway when no-one else was there (everyone was in the auditorium listening to William Shatner talk about the new movie in production and I got up to use the restroom for a moment).

I didn’t say anything. Finally he smiled and said, “autograph ?” I said, “Sure.” I just bought the book for $4 from the booths. He opened it, signed the back of the cover and gave it back to me.

I was pretty amazed to see him up close, but in truth he really wasn’t my favorite actor, I didn’t tell him that tho cause I couldn’t stop smiling at my luck.

Shortly after a mound of noisy people poured out of the auditorium and then him and a guy working for the convention center were now charging $10 an autograph and a line was formed, and that was what the table was for, so that was enough excitement for me. Φ

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