Bowling For Abortions

At 14 years old does she REALLY understand that she has been given a second chance?  Is she going to make better decisions in the future regarding pregnancy prevention?  Or will she take this generous gift for granted?  At 14 years old I don’t think I really understood the true value of gifts of this size, but at 14 I wasn’t even thinking about having sex, so….

This is either a case of poor humans or poor parenting or … something else, I just can’t think of what? 

All I can say is that I hope SOMEONE is reprimanding her for poor judgement and poor decision-making (and I hope that that someone is her parent(s) or mother?). 

Awhile ago there was a post about forcing people to watch a video of an abortion before they choose to terminate a pregnancy.  Maybe I’m an awful person, but if a privately funded organization (I will never support the government’s involvement in regulating or financing abortions … never ever ever) is going to pay for someone’s abortion MAYBE they should be forced to watch a video of an abortion beforehand.

Side Note:  If we are required to pass a test in order to obtain a license to legally operate a vehicle, surely the same should be required before we should be given the responsibility of raising another human being.  Maybe this is applicable here, maybe it is not.

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