Breastfeeding in Uniform

Now, to answer the question…

NO. It is NOT innapropriate in any way. So, what? They should change into street clothes, every time their baby gets hungry? That makes a ton of sense. But… considering the source…

The problem, in my opinion, is not moms breastfeeding their kids in uniform. The problem here, the REAL effing problem, is the idiots who have an issue with it. The idiots who are causing a big stink over it. Honestly, I wish these people would get some sense or shut the hell up!

In the article it said that people are comparing this to urinating and defecating in uniform. LOL.

See what I mean? Of course the completely uneducated, ignorant morons would say something like that. They’re the problem.

People need to get over their hangups with breastfeeding in public, uniform or no uniform. Gah!!

This just pisses me off.

There are bigger issues to cause a stink about than THIS you freaking morons!

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