I was called Blondie for a few years. At first I didn’t mind. I thought it was a good way to differentiate me from my other friend with the same name. I thought it was an interesting nickname, different, and complementary. Also I had blonde hair at the time so it worked out.
Eventually I realized that it tied into to the fact that that some people believed me to be dim witted. I like to speak my mind and I don’t follow the crowd. Math isn’t my strong suit. So naturally if you have blonde hair, people get carried away. Not only do I dispise blonde jokes but my natural hair colour isn’t blonde. So it ended up being an annoying name and something I began to resent.
I eventually began to hate the nickname, especially after I dyed my hair dark brown and the blonde was gone. It wasn’t long before I wasn’t friends with the girl with the same name and my other friends were using my last name mostly – and still do.
I think that good nicknames are ones that you want to stick. People will call you what you allow them to call you.

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