Can Anyone Lose Weight?

Absolutely!  I completely agree with her (and not because I was a nurse and nurse practitioner).  BUT, I was also one of those people with a medical excuse–was on steriods for multiple years because of very severe asthma.  However, once I quit letting the steriods be my mental block, I was able to lose weight.  Now, I didn’t lose much while I was on steriods, but lost a little bit of what I had gained.  But the mentality was there, and was able to lose close to 50 the year I got off the steriods, and now whenever I get on the steriods again (and I have been on them multiple times).  It’s about getting over the mental block, yes, people with thyroid problems, diabetes, on steriods etc can lose weight, it may be minimal, but they can still do it.

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