Can You Afford a $1000 Emergency?

no, but i’ll go anyway.  I know my grandma will pay.

I’m going to survive.  I’ve learned this.

I remember wandering around St. Louis.  I went to 3 ERs in one night.  Want to know why? because I was in agony and I couldn’t think clearly.  I was having chest pains and other odd symptoms.  Those would be from my psychotronic friends.  What happened was that I was dropped off from one, and I went screaming to the next.  They need to come inside me to know why I complain.

I wasn’t prescribed any pain pills.  One said I had a virus without running any tests.  Another said I had a hernia.  The other said that I was psychotic. 

I’ve given up on hospitals.  They can’t help you.  If you’re going to die, you’re going to die.  That’s why I’m becoming a Christian scientist.

Growing up, I’d never been to the ER, so I didn’t know this.  I thought hospitals were magical places where people went to get better, but they’re only places to die in or where people get worse.  I’ve spent months in hospitals for schizophrenia, and I’ve seen more sad stories than good ones.  I’ve watched doctors like literally kill people.  There was an alzheimer’s man who I watched get pills for psychosis and just wet himself and zoned out.  I was like, what have you done to him?

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