Car hire in Spain

Whenever you are traveling to Spain, it is best to hire a car if you want to have the ultimate holiday experience in this country. This will give you more opportunities to enjoy your holiday and also discover a number of unique and undiscovered locations.

You can drive leisurely from the coastline to check out some of the most idyllic country side that you will find in Western Europe. You can explore hilltop monasteries, mountainsides carpeted with blossoms, historic artifacts and unusual towns with stoned walkways continuing to crisscrossing pathways with wineries and olive orchards.

When you have to make reservations before visiting Spain, this could be extremely easy. For this reason car hire services should definitely be considered beforehand.

The following are some helpful tips about car hire in Spain.

Plan in advance

With your holiday schedule prepared, you will be able to quickly leave the airport terminal and reach your accommodation in your rented car. Considering that the top airports such as Madrid Barajas, Palma Airport and Barcelona Airport will be busiest ones in this country, especially during the holidays from mid-June to mid-September, it is best to book your rental car ahead of time.

Road tolls will not be included in the rental price

The cost for road tolls will not be included in this service, so think about this when making your reservation. There are developed road systems in Spain which are not free, so you should always have euro bills or coins when traveling. The road toll rates vary; 1.75 Euro from Madrid Airport to Alcobendas along E5 route and 22 Euro on Tarragona to Valencia route. In case you’re planning to travel across the border between France and Spain it’s also wise to include Tunel del Cadi cost of 11 Euro.

Think carefully if you plan to return the car outside of Spain

It is very affordable and cheap to hire a car in Spain, but international one-way rentals are certainly more expensive. For instance, leaving a hired car in Portugal might increase car hire cost to 450 Euro and Germany will be even higher to as much as 1000 Euros.

Become acquainted with road laws and rules for driving in Spain.

You can find a number of resources online that will prepare you for driving in Spain. In general, the traffic rules will be the same as other places throughout the European countries. It will be more important for you to understand a few Spanish words which you will see on the popular signs such as:

Danger: peligro
Exit: salida
Not allowed: prohibido
Stop: alto
Toll: peaje

Hopefully, this information will help you to make the right decisions when you are using the car hire services in Spain.

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