Certifying Your Business As A MBE

Many people may not be familiar with the term Minority Business Enterprise in Maryland or MBE; it is a type of business that is owned by an American citizen who is part of 4 ethnic groups including African Americans, Hispanic Americans as well as Native Americans and Asian Americans.
These types of businesses can be created independently of the government, but most are certified by government agencies on a city, state or federal level. Many people in these 4 ethnic groups choose to create a Minority Business Enterprise in Maryland because it allows them to have access to larger companies and gain access to more resources at the top of the industry. It also helps them to have a better chance at getting contracts that are related to government.
In order for a company to get certified as a Minority Business Enterprise in Maryland, the business owners have to prove that a little over half of their entity is owned by minorities and that those owners are involved in the daily operation of the business. You will have to fill out a pre-qualification form and pay a small fee depending on the annual gross income of your business, then you have to fill out a formal application that gives legal information about the structure of your business and then you have to have a site inspection by a MBE representative. Once they have evaluated your infrastructure they will make a decision on whether you can be certified as a MBE. Visit our website for more information.