Chairs and Germs

Chairs and Germs

I was sitting in Starbucks tonight and I noticed there were two types of chairs.  Now at the risk of sounding like a germ phob, I will point out to you the type of chair I prefer.

First the chair I don’t like to sit in.  This chair is made out of upholstery.

Can you see how this type of chair would look as if it would carry more germs?

Now look at this chair.

Do you see the leather seating?  It would appear to me that this is more likely to be clean.

We had to face this choice when purchasing a couch recently.

Can you see why I would be concerned about the couch above?

Now the one I picked.

The above is almost the exact couch I picked.

I felt a leather couch would always feel and look clean.

Do you prefer a leather couch or a couch made of upholstery?


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