Cheating On Homework and Tests

Cheating On Homework and Tests

I pretty much cheated all through high school.  I cheated on tests. 

I usually didn’t bother making notes.  I just looked at other people’s paper.  I would make friends with smart people.

I had a Latin class and one of my friends had it a year before me.  So she gave me a copy of all of the tests and they were almost all the same.  I cheated off this other girl in Spanish class.  I just copied off her paper during the tests and she let me look.  One time I got a better grade than her and she got upset.

I had a computer class in high school and I fell behind on my typing projects so I asked this girl if I could just copy all of her completed projects and I would take her out on a date.  So she not only let me copy her assignments but she actually did most of them for me. 

I had another friend who let me copy all of her homework from biology.  She did all the work and then I copied in the morning.   After copying her papers all year, she asked me to go to some dance with her and I told her no and asked her best friend instead.  I now realize that was not the nicest thing to do.

I only cheated once in college and then I gave cheating up.

I heard of a class where they caught 8 students cheating by buying papers online.  I tend to think there are more cheaters than people are willing to admit.

Did you ever cheat on homework or tests in school?

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