City Creek Center Opening in Salt Lake City

On the list of places I was likely to travel to, Salt Lake City Utah certainly wasn’t at the top of the list. But looking at the new mall being built there, I may just change my mind.

City Creek Center is the first indoor destination in Salt Lake City as compelling as the majesty of Utah’s world-renown outdoor lifestyle of skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and mountaineering. It features a retractable roof, an indoor creek, a pedestrian skybridge,.

And I’ll assuming you’ve heard of the Bellagio water fountain show in Las Vegas? This place has two 18 foot waterfalls, and three fountains developed by WET, the same designers who careated th Bellagio fountains in Vegas. Here’s a place you can visit all indoors, all winter, without slipping on ice or ruining your shoes with salt because of a heated snow melt system.

City Creek Center is built on the site of two former shopping malls. They’ve got a pretty aggressive sustainability program — more than 80 percent of its materials recycled and reused from the previous structures. (As I shop I’ll be congratulating myself for saving the planet, LOL.)

Last but not least, City Creek Center will have a great mix of stores. Anchored by Nordstrom and Macy’s, approximately 80 stores and restaurants populate the center, a third of them completely new to Salt Lake.

Opening March 22, 2012, City Creek Center will be Utah’s newest retail and dining destination covering two downtown city blocks with a tempting mix of stores and restaurants. Can’t wait to see it for myself.

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