Compromising Your Xanga For the Sake of the Masses

Hello kiddos, muffins, kittens. It is I again, the crazy guy. Does anyone even read my shit, don’t matter, blogging for ya’ll gives meaning to my life.

As long as I exist in your heart, we are friends.

Tomorrow I will see if I can go to the YMCA for chess. Changing subject, guys I jerked off twice today, the second time I did it was five minutes afterwards, I was checking out porn videos and I saw this really fucking hot video that made me wank a second time, and when the sperm had to come out, it got stuck in my balls, I felt it in my balls, it appears my balls needed more time to gather semen, it was the strangest sensation I ever felt, it felt like time froze and my nutsack was all to blame, it felt like my nuts turned to water, no shitting you guys.

Yeah, I talk about my dick a lot, but… talking dirty turns me on!

Hell, I am going to commit suicide eventually, I am going out with a bang. No jobs, I have a criminal history, no money, I starve, I die, suicide, no lie. You fucking pussy ass bitches don’t even send me messages or anything, I’m from NJ ya heard, what the fuck I gotta do to get some ass around here, fucking skank white trashy fat slut bitches. I’m pissed off at xanga, I write all this shit for you guys and all I get is nothing.

Fucking America legalize prostitution, euthanization, and marijuana, I swear to God this country is so messed up, I want to buy a hooker!!! Asshole!!! I want to get high!!!! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY I SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO A PEACEFUL DEATH CUNT WORSHIPPORS!!! Ahhhhhhhhh, fuck your money, I can’t… I feel like smashing a car.

I hope those 99 percenters turn to zombies 🙂 I’m tired of jerking myself off. You want to do something for your country, come to my place, hahahaha.

I’m just venting 🙂 No need to get worried. Shout out to….

Ctaretz, the bald dude who posted a pic of his right nipple, good job bro!

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