Conservative or Liberal?

None of the labels fit me.  I am for single-payer medical care and abortion rights.  I don’t believe in waste, especially financial waste.  What I’ve seen in California is that values focus on luxuries instead of necessities, and creating jobs that need not exist to fill needs that were concocted.  Californians do not need storm windows, but when our president cuts subsidies for programs that provide them to unwilling recipients (on privately owned properties), headlines state that he is hurting the poor.  I saw a newspaper that told of major cuts in school funding, but another article said that the high school wants to buy dozens of iPads.  iPads are toys, toys that the high school wants to spend money on in school rooms that have no air conditioning.  I am against unions, as they are inappropriate in a capitalistic society.  Given these few beliefs of mine, how can I be labeled?

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