Could You Wipe Someone’s Butt?

So many people now days think that they want to be a nurse, “to help people”? But in all actuallity it becomes knowing the difference between getting paid to wipe someone’s butt and wanting to extend a dignity that no one would ever choose for themselves if they even had an option. There is an art to ignoring the name and description of the task, to garner the reward of being a valuable part of a much bigger picture. Yep you guessed it, nurse here and a nursing instructor who can definitely pick the compassionate students out of any group I am given….from even bedsides away. Plenty of room in nursing for all types of personalities but the oohs, ahhhs and I don’t do bedpans, can’t usually hide that they are just in it, for what is in it for them   I am thinking that you can dodge the issue as much as you’d like but as a nurse, it must be a chosen calling to be able to assist a patient to believe that they are not a burden, you can imagine their embarassment but are there to help them because you want to. It’s very hard to act genuine and  concerned when patients definitely can tell when they are being used for a paycheck, if and when they are. Butt wiping 101: Caregivers are heaven sent and one day, I may just have to hope that I may have influenced someone to be as careful and compassionate with my needs as I attempted to inspire others to be in general, with other’s.

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