Coverage Beyond Workers Compensation


Not everyone that does work for your company will be covered under a traditional workers’ compensation plan. For instance, if you have volunteers giving their time to help your organization or you hire a friend to do some work for you, any accidents that happen while performing a duty for your company are excluded from insurance coverage.

State Law Limits

There are federal and state laws that require certain employee protections, but there are limits to these requirements. Laws often exclude independent contractors, farmworkers, domestic workers, and individuals who are employed on a seasonal or casual basis. Because of the loops in the system, the information found at recommends that small companies who have these employment situations invest in voluntary workers insurance.

Policy Protections

With a volunteer plan, workers must be accurately described within the endorsement items. The policy generally covers bodily injury by disease (which includes death) and bodily injury by accident. Injuries are covered when it occurs to employees included in the group described in the plan, occurs within the policy period, takes place in United States, Canada, or a foreign country where the citizen may be working on the business.

The cost of litigation surrounding workplace injuries or situations can ruin the finances of small businesses. It is best to consult with a broker and invest in a policy that can take care of your labor needs.