Creating Fake Xanga Sites

Creating Fake Xanga Sites

I have read a few posts by fellow xangans who apologized for creating side sites on xanga and messing with people.  Gravy and Wordsandthoughts wrote posts and said they were sorry for offending their friends by creating fake sites.

This caused me to pause for a moment and think of all the troll sites I created to mess with my critics and mess around with the general xanga population. 

It caused me to remember a troll site I created in order to mess with a really popular xangan five years ago who wrote a negative post about me.  I mocked the xangan and then commented on the xangan’s friend’s sites and got them to mock the person too.

It reminds me when I had someone photoshop a fake conversation with Paul Partisan and pretend that it was a gay conversation between the two of us in order to embarrass him.

I could go on and on here.

And I honestly feel no remorse.

I have never created side sites to pretend I have haters.  I have enough haters on my own.  I don’t have to create them.

Would it bother you if you found out a friend created a side xanga site to mess with people?


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