Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is located at the Newport Beach. It has a 3.5 miles long beach and more than 2,000 acres of woodland. It is perfect for adventures like hiking and horse back riding. It has a great under water park. Crystal Cove State Park is popular among scuba divers, mountain bikers, and under water scenery. It is the best that they can offer and can attract the tourist. For swimmers and surfers, there are sandy coves and nifty tidepools to explore. They do offer rocky reefs, ridges, canyons, fine sands and a lot of fun things to do during your stay at the Crystal Cove. They will ensures you that you will never get bored exploring their place.

Crystal Cove also offer a couple miles of Pacific coastline, wooded canyons, open bluffs, and plenty of water view. Since Newport Beach is known for having lovely and cool beach, they offer more room for opportunity. With that, the park continues to be open for swimming, surfing, or enjoying the sun.When winter month comes, Crystal Cove State Park offer nature hikes and nature tripping. Winter will be fun for those who will visit the park. It will only mean that Crystal Cove State Park will give you reason to visit them during summer and even on winter months.

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