Cure For Depression

what is a sex sandwich?

i posted this on healthkicker for a girl perhaps it is better here:

i hear all these superficial remedies and many of them help – exercise, good diet, and even meditation. but i am now completely depression and anxiety free and my solution will NOT be acceptable or popular for all people. it is all detailed on my site but to condense:

– you can trim the leaves and branches of this illness for the rest of your life. OR you can take the tree of anxiety/depression out by the roots.

– i had to forgive all those who had wronged me and hurt me (rape, abuse, abandonment, hurt from leaders of churches…) those unforgiven things colored EVERY DAY of my life, slowly building up until i “melted down” a few weeks ago, literally screaming and begging for help. i always had an uncomfortable feeling in my tummy too. ALWAYS. my “fight or flight” mechanism was stuck wide open.

– i had to realize that i am completely broken and at the bottom of the well. as long as i had strength, i continued to fight the wrong battle (just make the pain stop – and i avoided the root cause).

– forgiveness is not just a spiritual matter. over the years it colors the backdrop of every single day and we slowly forget why we feel so blue.

– no more junk food, no more pepsi and redbull,

– my doctor prescribed “hydroxyzine”. it is non-habit forming and non-addictive. its only side effect worth noting is you are very sleepy but that goes away in a few days. the pill takes the edge off the panic and anxiety and shoves it back to hell where it belongs. i slept wonderfully.

i needed no therapy. no drugs other than the one i mentioned. and i went from a lifetime of feeling hopeless, lack of vision, and feeling as if life is passing me by – to excitement because i DO have hope, and i know the truth now instead of all those effing lies drilled into my head for all my life.

1. forgiveness. 
2. change in diet. 
3. realizing that i AM helpless and cannot get well on my own. 
4. i turned to God and simply admitted i cannot “do this” anymore. 
5. i admitted to myself that i had been believing LIES all my life. and finally –
6. i am NOT sick, i am NOT alone, i am NOT hopeless nor am i willing to live the lie ever again.

if you are a non-believer in God, may i respectfully ask you to simply try writing down all the lies you have been told. “you are fat and undesirable, you are worthless and going NOWHERE in life”…etc. write down all the unforgiveness and wrongs people have done to you – including parents, religious leaders, ex-mates…. let them go, one by one. ease the burden off your mind and rip the tree out by its roots.

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