Dan Gives Advice to Women Concerning Men

Dan Gives Advice to Women Concerning Men

I guess it is time to reverse this.

1.  In general, men find you far more attractive than you find yourself attractive.  So when looking in the mirror, don’t spend so much time tearing yourself down.

2.  Most guys find you attractive naked.  So even if you have given birth to two children and look at that little belly sticking out a bit, he still wants to see you naked.  So go with it and strip down in front of him and act sexy. 

3.  Of course he doesn’t want you fat, but you are ok if you don’t look like this:

He doesn’t find that attractive either.

4.  Don’t be offended that he does in fact, find this attractive.

Look at her.  She is attractive.  She won’t have sex with him anyway.

5.  You can be a mother.  Just don’t define your role in life as a mother above being a lover.

6.  Although statistics are different depending on the survey, most agree that 33% of men will cheat.  The good news is that 66% of men will not.  Do not hold the 66% responsible for the actions of the 33%.

7.  If you want a loving, caring husband who is always in tune with your thoughts and gives you the feeling that he can read your mind, marry a woman.  Men are men.  They want to crash cars and blow things up and punch each other.  If you want a woman, just go lesbian.  A man can’t be a woman.  So stop expecting him to act and think like one.

8.  If you have to ask if the dress makes you look fat, don’t even step out of the dressing room.

9.  Never forget to take the birth control.  If he says he does not want children, tricking him will not work.  He will still not want children plus he will think you are an idiot who was not smart enough to take birth control.

10.  Faking it may make him feel better short term, but it will leave you disappointed long term.

11.  Never become totally emotionally dependent on a man. It isn’t healthy and it isn’t attractive.

12.  Never allow yourself to be in a position that if your husband were to die or suddenly leave you, that your life would fall apart financially.  It leaves you in a position of weakness as a mother and wife even if you stay married for life.

13.  Men love smart women.  They just don’t like abrasive women.  Make sure you know the difference.

14.  There are exceptions to this so I am not stating this 100% but in general a man will treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated. 

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