Dan on Parenting Part 3

Dan on Parenting Part 3

Last night my oldest son and his friends stayed out a little late.

One of the parents called me at around 9:00 p.m. and told me his daughter wasn’t home yet.  I told him that the kids were out and they would probably be home soon.  The parent attacked me and told me I was a clueless parent and then told me some things about my son.  I told him I already knew everything about my son because I just listened to him.

He called me again and told me that he wanted me to tell the kids to come home.  I told him I thought that the kids probably knew he was calling everywhere for them and that he was attacking them.  So I thought that the kids would probably stay out later just because of his attacks.  I told him he should just communicate that he loved his daughter and that she needed to come home and then hug her when she came into the house and they would discuss it the next morning.  He hung up on me.

A police officer came to my home at 2:00 in the morning and asked me where the kids were.  I told him I didn’t know but if the father just called his daughter and told her he loved her and that he wanted her to come home, she would come home. 

I explained to him that my son had no curfew on Friday nights because he is 18. 

So I called my son and told him I loved him in front of the cop and told him to come home and to tell all the other kids to come home.  They came home immediately.

After the kids came home, I hugged my son and we talked about it today. 

About 30 minutes after they came home, the other parent called me and left a voice message attacking me and telling me I was a horrible Christian (he goes to my church).

I thought it was interesting that he didn’t realize that all of the kids came home at my command and I hugged my child when he came through the door.

I am pretty sure his daughter will not come next time.

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