Disney Land in Florida is Awesome

At first, I thought it was all joke when my family said that we would be heading to Disney Land for a vacation. It’s really a dream I always had since I was younger but before this time I never got to experience the magic of going at Disney Land.

I was very excited because this would be my first time to live the dream taking one of the most famous Orlando vacations everybody talks about! I was really shocked and couldn’t believe that it is really happening, and my sister took on the task of searching on the internet for hotels in Orlando.

We are a group of 12 and we require a big room for the family, or multiple rooms, and at a rate that should fit our budget. For our convenience since we have a lot of children to accompany and it’s a Disney land tour, we planned to look for hotels near the magical kingdom. To narrow the search down my sis hit up Google with the search Orlando hotels near Disney and we hit the jackpot. We were able to find an affordable room that fit our needs.

At last, the day came and we arrived at Disney Land. We didn’t really have the chance to take a rest after our flight; we used every bit of our time exploring and enjoying Disney Land. The first day was really tiring but wonderful.

The 2nd day and the rest of our whole vacation are very unforgettable and enjoyable. The photos we captured will give us a lifetime of memories! I also decided that when I have a family of my own I’ll be taking them to Disney Land!

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