Divorcing for Alzheimers

@forever_musing – no, you wouldn’t.  I live in a mental facility with people that have alzheimer’s.  We should kill them or let them wander until their deaths.  They are truly dead.  All they do is fight and wander around with fractured speech and thought.  Here’s a typical conversation or day.

Alzheimer’s patient: what time is it?

Normal person: It’s three to four.

Alzheimer’s patient: I work here.  I have to go to the river now.  (There is no river, and he doesn’t work here.)

Normal person: Why don’t you stay inside for awhile? It’s hot outside.

Alzheimer’s patient: No, I have to go to the river now!  There are cats on the roof.  When my wife gets back, she’ll be tired.

Normal person: You need to calm down.  Your wife is in the hospital, which is why you’re here.

Alzheimer’s patient +runs out door+ And we find him down the road crying on a trampoline about the tractor that he thinks he broke.

That one’s a little more vocal.  The other one just agrees with everything, assaults the staff and tries to runaway back to his house.

These people have no memory of who they are.  It’s sad that we force them to live in disgrace.

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