Do People Think You are Smart?

People say it’s a waste that I’m not in college (not my fault, I’m trying dammit) mainly because I’m well-read, read aloud with average conversation speed, I have an extensive vocabulary, handy with computers even though I have no experience with them what-so-ever work-wise and try to engage others in talks of biology and philosophy, but with little success.

I think most people are gifted in certain subjects, but can have little knowledge of others. For instance, I suck with math and chemistry, so I wouldn’t necessarily call myself smart. I know he’s a fictional character, but Sherlock Holmes was gifted in chemistry and anything else relating to his science of deduction, but he had no idea that the earth revolved around the sun until Watson told him. That’s a good example for a point I’m trying to make. You may think of someone as dumb, but it could be that they’re just gifted in another subject. Whether it’s actually useful or not, it doesn’t matter.

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