Does A Physician Need Disability Insurance?

Being a physician is one of the most important jobs in the world. Physicians are needed by people all around the world, but there is one set of people who really need the physician and that is there own family. A physician is as vulnerable as anyone to becoming disabled and no longer being able to work. With that being said that is why there is a rise in physicians who are taking out disability insurance policies. So why does a physician need a disability insurance policy.
Student Loan Repayments
While being a physician is very financially rewarding, the average physician who comes out of medical school as well as coming out with a vast array of knowledge they come out with a huge amount of debt. How much debt? Well around the $150,000 mark. If you become disabled and no longer can work before this is paid off it could have dire financial effects on your family, having disability insurance could easily help repay your student loans.
Disability InsuranceQuality Of Life
A physician is incredibly well paid and for good reason. With this comes a nice standard of life for them and there family. While money is not everything wouldn’t you like for your families quality of life to stay the same even if you could not word? Again this is where disability insurance can come in.
Isn’t It Expensive?
It is not cheap I am not going to lie, but just think of what would happen if you could no longer work and you did not have disability insurance. Also many different companies offer disability insurance policies so you can use them to get yourself the best deal possible.