Don’t Forget Travel Insurance for Your Executives

The world of business has changed in the past 50 years, and while the global marketplace was once the domain of only a handful of elite corporations, that is no longer true. With the help of social media and internet marketing platforms, even small companies can have an international presence. With sales occurring worldwide, your company executives may need to travel often, and that is where business and pleasure accident insurance becomes essential.

More Than Liability Protection

Business Travel Accident Insurance provides international and domestic coverage for busy travelers. When your top business executives are visiting unstable areas, BTA is an important consideration. Providing the insurance can protect your company from possible liability, minimize potential accident risks and cover medical expenses and evaluations.

Supplementary Endorsements Available

Since each trip is unique, your insurance should be, too. Additional endorsements are available to allow your company to individualize the coverage. You can add:

  • Trip Cancellation Protection
  • Kidnap Safeguard Coverage
  • Worldwide Medical Plans
  • Disaster Evacuation Insurance

You can also add policies that protect your executives when they visit areas with full-blown wars or threats of war.

Protection Is the Key

Protect your key employees with BTA insurance whether they travel internationally or domestically. Understanding the risk your executives may face is only part of sending them abroad. Executive business and pleasure accident insurance is valuable protection, so customize it today.