Double Standard

Well, there’s something wrong with it.  There isn’t that much to the story of the girl who had sex with the older man, but the implication is that it was consensual – yet no responsibility is assigned to her, as though she is a nothing.  There is no responsibility without authority, and she is allowed none.  That is a powerful lesson to her.  I wonder if the older gal who had sex with the 14-year-old boy learned a similar lesson early on.

I feel sorry for the older man, but then again, maybe his previous crimes were indicative of a criminal nature.  I wasn’t sure whether he was being charged per act with this girl, or whether he had prior similar circumstances.  Being labeled a sex offender and being imprisoned for consensual sex is a very bad thing.  Pretty much ruins his life, and the main thing ruining his “victim”s life is legal intervention and the likely psychobabble she will now receive.

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