Drakonskyr – A Tribute Post

Drakonskyr – A Tribute Post

I was sad to see yesterday that Drakonskyr had shut down his site. 


At some level, it felt like the ending of an era.  I will never forget the first post I read by Drak.  Oddly, he was being mildly critical of me and my rather obvious site.  But after reading his post, I just sort of connected and then we talked on IM a few times.  I have said before and I will say again that there is really little on xanga that I would call “writing talent.”  But I have always believed that Drak had the ability to some day be a professional writer.  He was known as the guy that you had to read with a dictionary present.

I also remember a time about 5 years ago when he defended me against some attack that was going on in the xanga world.  That was Drak’s way.  He criticized me in his first post because the masses were singing my praises.  But when the tide turned against me, he defended me.  I think he had the ability to go against the masses and the tide of political opinion.  He was always there for me and encourage me when I was making fun of the handicapped, retarded, rape victims and fat people.

I ran a few contests years ago asking who was the hottest guy on xanga and Drak won every one of those contest except for one.  It appeared that the lady folk really enjoyed him.  One time he wrote a post saying he and I were the same person.  I think I had 3-4 messages from women in the next 24 hours flirting with me. 

Drak will be missed.  Let it be known that I am proud to have known him.  I realize that some of us step in the xanga world and then one day step out.  It is the nature of any activity.  We participate but then find other interest.  Drak has left us but he will not leave our memory. 

I was going to write a post one day about how I thought were the most popular sites over the last 6 years.  I was going to put them in order giving a certain bias to those who carried their popularity for the longest period.  (I did not write that post because of the current crowd that would have been butt hurt over the order).  But Drak would have been very close to the top of that list.  He endured and entertained over time.

I salute Drak and wish him well as he continues his journey in life.

Who were you sad to see leave xanga?


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