Drink, Drive, Pay More for Insurance

Byrnes Agency Insurance

You have likely seen the signs that say something like, “Drink, Drive, Go to Jail.” Although not everyone heeds the warning, most people know that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous and has potentially severe legal consequences. However, most people don’t take the time to consider a more mundane cost: insurance. Does a DUI affect insurance? It certainly can, and it is important to understand how.

Specific Factors for Consideration

Much like a car accident, a DUI will likely cause your insurance premiums to increase. This increase usually lasts a minimum of three years. The experts at Byrnes Agency Insurance report three major considerations insurance companies make that could determine the amount a policy increases as well as the time frame.

  • Time – Insurers often examine driving records over a specific time frame, usually three to five years, so the further a DUI is in the past, the less impact it will have. 
  • Age – Minors will face steeper consequences than individuals who can legally consume alcohol.
  • DUI history – An individual with multiple DUIs will be impacted more severely than an individual with only one. In some cases, a policy may be rescinded based on the number of DUIs on an individual’s record.

There is no way around facing the consequences of a DUI on your auto insurance policy. Responsible driving is the only real way to prevent this cost. However, with the partnership of a reliable insurance agency, you can still receive the coverage you need to get back on the road.