As a self-proclaimed “expert” (I wrote a book), a man that has more than one picture with his kids or (note the word “or”) his animal, or his buddies, isn’t the kind of guy I’m going to want to be dating. 

He’s going to have  kid-duty, when I want to have sex. He’s going to need to go back to his apartment to walk the dog, when I want to have sex. He’s going to be getting text messages from his kid, while we’re in the middle of sex.   And he’s going to be thinking of having a beer with his buds while I’m tring to initiate sex. (slight exageration, but you get the point).

As for the other main type of  women who is internet dating–the one who forgot she was turning 30 and all of a sudden needs to have kids and a husband immediately–is also not going to be well served by the guy who puts lots of photos of his kids and his dogs and his fish on his profile.  He’s already got a family. A very large one. He just lost the cook and bottle-washer and (insert words here)  and needs a replacement for the wife he just lost. He’s unlikely to want to start a new family with you.   

So get your priorities right, guys, if you want to meet someone thru internet dating and have sex. Remove the pictures of the dogs and the kids and the male frat buds. Girls, just pass on those guys with all the photos of their kids and animals.

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